About Tambourine Jam

I created this blog to write about my observations on music in community, and attempt to prove that if everyone picked up an instrument and started to sing and make music with each other, the world would be a little more harmonious. See this post for a wordier mission statement.

About Brooke

I’m a 20-year-old undergrad currently studying classical music and vocal performance at a small university in a small Texas town near Austin. I grew up six hours south of there — in McAllen, Texas, ten minutes away from the Mexican border.

I hosted a podcast briefly over the summer of 2005, but then spent the rest of high school being a writing coach/writer/photographer/designer/editor for my high school newspaper. I was a better singer than writer, though, so I pursued music in college.

In 2008 I helped start up my university’s first radio station, SU Radio, which I help manage during the school year. We’ll begin our second full semester on the air this January 2009. We need a new web page.

I’m also vegan, I love cooking for other people.


One Response to “About”

  1. 1 Bernie

    I love it when you cook for other people, as long as other people is me! See you in this frozen wasteland I call home soon!

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