From SU’s campus-wides: the civic engagement opportunities this morning


Georgetown Police Department’s Explorer Program is putting on a Haunted House in conjunction with a safe trick or treating event Oct 30th & 31st from 6pm-10pm.
They need actors both days to “walk around and act crazy” as part of the Insane Asylum section. If you are interested, contact Melissa Connell,

Awesome… way to vilify the mentally ill, Georgetown Police Department.


2 Responses to “From SU’s campus-wides: the civic engagement opportunities this morning”

  1. man

    you know what’s weird… i have never thought to question something like that – the immense disrespect of creating a “haunted insane asylum.” just one more way to marginalize and stereotype the mentally ill. then again i’ve never been to one, never was very keen on haunted houses in general. i feel like i should reply to the email and call attention to the choice of language

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