There is a certain satisfaction that I used to get from putting feelings into words, parsing out revelations in journal entries. And yet for a long time I haven’t kept a consistent journal or blog. I absolutely have been busy — somehow, this past spring semester was crazier than ever and I have blocked out the memories of how stressful it was. Now that it’s summer I’m living in Austin and am working two part time jobs, preparing to start a third. And I’m not taking any classes, but I still have some books I’d like to read (not sure when that will happen).

So I’ve been busy, but not documenting much about my experiences and analyzing musical life the way I used to do. Without being able to put these things into words, I feel constantly like something’s missing. And something is — my sense of memory. My sense of where I’m going and where I am and where I want to go. It sounds obvious and trite, but I absolutely need to write these things down. The intention of writing more, however, hasn’t been enough to get me to start writing again. This is in part because I was too worried about my audience… writing the perfect entry, or not having enough to say about a subject, or alienating or annoying you, or writing about veganism or life as a 20 year old working minimum wage jobs when all you want to read here is… well, honestly, I don’t know why you came here.

Well folks, the fact is that I’m 20 and I have no idea who I am yet, and I REALLY don’t know what I want this blog to be. I want to interview people who are making important things happen, and share music I make, and projects I’m working on, and solicit ideas from you, and share ideas with you, and discuss musical life in this really strange age we live in. And maybe talk a little about food too.

My point is that from now on, I don’t care who reads this, or if any of it matters. I’m just going to write and see what sticks.


2 Responses to “herro?”

  1. 1 Caroline Yi

    hello! I’m intrigued..

  2. 2 Malory Lee

    agree so much with these sentiments. this post is nearly identical in content to my post…

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