An introduction


Like a lot of people my age, I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life.

I’m currently an undergrad student of classical music and vocal performance. Classical music and its trappings alternately annoy and fascinate me. I like writing about music history and understanding how all music fits into everyday life: what and who has substantiated it now and historically, and how.

Mostly, I intend for this to be an ongoing discussion of the role of music in communities. Music has historically been a community adhesive, but its functions have mutated along with the industrialization of society. Music’s commodification and accessibility have far-reaching effects on everyone — from the exploitation of its producers and consumers, to the phenomenon of “background music,” to the potency of its ties to race and class. Passive acceptance of what big media tells us to listen to (and eat, and vote for, and care about) fosters our distracted, fragmented, alienated culture.

Yet, every day, music still binds people. It happens when people are able to make music of their own accord and share it with their own communities. It doesn’t matter if they can compose or jam or write or sing in the professional sense, because fundamentally, music is whatever one wants it to be. I would just prefer if less bullshit were involved.

If we don’t challenge the standards set for us by pop culture, we’ll continue to pretend like we’re living in a movie (or worse, an advertisement. Oh wait…).

I’ll do my best to make this blog as focused as possible. I just want to hear what other people are talking and thinking about.


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